Creators of one of the best live shows on the west coast, Calobo combines solid song writing and skilled musicianship to produce a sound that is receiving rave reviews from all over the country. Their diverse musical influences, ranging from classical to jazz to folk, keep Calobo's sound original and innovative.

Calobo began with two acoustic guitars and two voices. The bands founding members, Caleb Klauder and David (Hobo) Andrews began playing music together as children growing up on Orcas Island in Washington State. While both attended colleges in Oregon , they began to play together as Calobo at parties, cafes and at an occasional bar. During their third year of writing and performing their original material, Calobo added female vocalist Kris Espland to provide a third harmony and a new dimension to their songs. The three performed together for a year and when Calobo decided pursu e music full time Kris left the band for Graduate School.

In 1992 Calobo recorded its first album and added the vocal talents of Michele Van Kleef. Though the band has more than doubled in size, Calobo has managed to preserve their original sound and stay close to their acoustic roots.

David Andrews - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals - was born in Seattle, Washington September 19, 1971. He was raised on Orcas Island in Washington State where he met band co-founder Caleb Klauder when they were children. David began to play the drums at age 10 and played the alto-sax in his middle school band with Caleb. He was also the drummer for a Grateful Dead cover band in high school. It was during his junior and senior years of high school that David began playing the guitar and writing music. David cur rently lives in Portland Oregon. Outside of Calobo, David has also released his own CD entitled 'The Little Things'. David has opened for the bands Little Feat and Jorma. When he is off the road, David enjoys working on his house and sitting-in with other Portland bands. His musical influences include Jackson Browne, Emmy Lou Harris, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby Stills and Nash, The Beatles, Bonnie Raitt and The Eagles.

Caleb Klauder - Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals - was born March 14, 1971 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. His family moved to Orcas Island Washington in 1972. It was then that he met band co-founder David Andrews when they were toddlers. He learn ed to pay the saxophone at age 11 and the guitar at age 12. Caleb moved to Oregon in 1990 to attend Oregon State University. He later went on to study music at Marylhurst College in Portland Oregon. He currently lives in Portland with his wife and son. Ca leb began playing the mandolin and fiddle in 1995. He enjoys playing Bluegrass music in his spare time. He is also a member of the Bluegrass inspired band Everyday Dirt.

Michele Van Kleef - Vocals - was born in California and moved to Oregon with her family in 1981. She began singing at the age of 5 and began playing the piano at age 10. She began her classical voice training at the age of 17 and continued through college. In 1991 she graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in art and music. She now lives in Seattle Washington with her husband. Michele also enjoys painting during her time off. Her musical influences include Joni Mitchell, Suzanne Ve ga, The Indigo Girls and Ani Difranco. Michele began performing with Calobo in 1992 when she was asked to perform on Calobo's first album.

Jenny Conlee - Piano - grew up in Portland Oregon. She graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in music. When she is home she likes spending time in her garden. Her influences include the classical music of Chopin and the Jazz talents of Chick Corea. She also performs in the Jazz trio ConQueriolo with Nate and Brian. She currently lives in Portland Oregon. Jenny joined Calobo in 1991 after meeting Caleb at Oregon State University.

Brian Bucolo - Percussion - was born February 27, 1969 in Los Angeles California. He has lived in Corvallis Oregon since he was 5 years old. He currently lives there with his wife Kelle and daughter Kayla. Brian began playing the drums at age 10 and played in his middle school concert band and high school symphonic band. Outside of Calobo he plays with the Jazz trio ConQueriolo. Brian played in numerous other bands before joining Calobo in 1994.

Nate Query - Bass - grew up in Portland Oregon. He played Jazz and Rock at Lincoln High School and later at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. His other musical projects include the Jazz trio ConQueriolo and the Bluegrass inspired band Everyday Dirt. Nate enjoys working with kids and travelling. Nate joined Calobo in 1994.

Kenneth Erlick - Electric Guitar - was born January 21, 1970 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He moved to Portland to attend Lewis and Clark College in 1988. He played guitar recreationally throughout high school and was in several bands in college. Ken ny graduated from Lewis and Clark in 1993 with a degree in English. When not travelling the country with Calobo Kenny enjoys reading, studying music, writing, playing basketball and going to see live Jazz in Portland. His musical influences include The Al lman Brothers, Steeley Dan, The Police and countless others. "I guess when it comes down to it I like all music. Different things for different moods. I never have been able to say what my favorite band was because there is so much out there to learn from. " Kenny currently lives in Portland Oregon. He joined Calobo in 1992 after meeting David at Lewis and Clark College.